All The Way Live Taiwan 2019!

All The Way Live Foundation utilizes Hip Hop Dance as a means to empower, educate and uplift youth living in marginalized and oppressed communities. We strive to build fill the gaps left by public institutions and local governments globally.

All The Way Live Taiwan 2019: December 4th – 16th

In partnership with “Taipei B-boy City,” All The Way Live Foundation will be hosting and celebrating its third Taiwanese Dance Project within the past 10 years. We are excited to be working with aborigine youth living in the remote mountainous regions of Hualien, and Taitung, Taiwan. Our goal is to provide an experience that caters to healing, empowering and educating youth through the movements and mentorships of Hip Hop Dance. With over 10 years of international outreach experience, All The Way Live Foundation continues to provide a unique and one of a kind experience that forges philanthropy, culture and community. The week long project also leverages the local Taiwanese Hip Hop Dance community to further push outreaching objectives within their own community while also providing a professional platform for local and international dancers to highlight and share their artistry.


100% of your donations will directly support the operations needed to fulfill our aborigine youth outreach program in Taiwan. Although volunteers are expected to fully fund their trips, we lean on our local community to support our grassroots efforts to provide a quality and just experience for everyone involved in the project.